Current Activities

Since 2001 the Markaz has made significant progress in terms of its activities, and all the praise is due to Allaah. Some of the activities that are currently taking place are as follows:

  • Establishment of 5 daily prayers including Jumu’ah prayers
  • Establishment of Eid prayers
  • Arabic reference Library with over 300 books on ‘aqeedah, fiqh, hadeeth, etc.
  • Audio-store
  • Islamic advice centre for Muslims and non-Muslims
  • Islamic school – teaching Qur’an/Tajweed and The Basics of Islam and Fiqh
  • Lectures and tele-link with scholars (including Conferences)
  • Adult courses in Arabic and Tajweed
  • Islamic courses in English covering lessons and lectures of the scholars
  • Islamic Web-site (

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