Dawrah ilmiyyah 1435H

The Belief of Ahlus-Sunnah In Regards to The Beautiful Names & Lofty Attributes Of Allah

Shaykh ul-Islam, ibn Taymiyyah (d.728H) in his ‘Aqeedatul-Waasitiyyah said: “That we describe Allah with what He described Himself with and what His Messenger described Himself with”. Tawheed Asma wa-Sifaat is to single out Allah with His Names & Attributes, with being the most beautiful, lofty and perfect for Him. “And there is none like unto Him. And He is the all-Hearer and the all-Seer” (Shu’ra (42): v). Without the correct belief in the perfect names and attributes of Allah, it is impossible to worship Him as He truly deserves and nor will ones ‘Aqeedah be correct, except that they understand these names and attributes in accordance to the principles understood by the salaf us-saaleh.

From the most distinguishing points of difference between the saved sect and the deviated sects is how to believe and understand this Tawheed. This is why a conference was organised to establish this key message and disseminate this correct belief. Equally important was to refute the people of innovation, how they fell into deviation in this Tawheed and what a grave crime it is to distort, question or reject the Names & Attributes of our Lord, the Most High.

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